Trader Joe’s K Cups

Brace yourself… this is real life…. Trader Joe’s has started producing their coffee in K Cup form!

Of course it’s packaged adorably because TJ wouldn’t operate in any other way. The individual wrapped packets make me feel like I’m reaching into a candy jar every morning… except what’s better than candy? Coffee!!

While the number of cups that come in a box is strange (7 as opposed to the usual 18), the price can’t be beat. It’s $2.99 for a box, I’ll do the math to save your brain the trouble…

18/7 = 2.57           (1 regular K Cup box is equal to 2.57 Trader Joe’s K Cup boxes)
2.57*$2.99 = $7.69 …    I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a box of K Cups for less than $10.. this is a huge deal people. At that price I may be able to start drinking 3 cups of coffee in the morning instead of my two (using the same K Cup twice)… what will this do for my academic life??

You may also like to know that while attempting to write this post, a gargantuan amount of coffee leaped out of my mug onto my white couch and I had to sprint to the laundry room, fill a bowl with bleach and water, and scrub it off (thought you’d enjoy that mental image).

Happy Tuesday xx

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